She was married on October 7th, 1967 to Frantz Marx Samuel Mortimer and had 11 children from the marriage. Renee became a follower of Jesus Christ on November 1970 and dedicated her entire life to the Lord.

She was an elementary and Sunday school teacher when living in Haiti. After she moved to the United States, she continues with her work for the Lord by becoming a Sunday school teacher at the North Miami Church of the Nazarene, then secretary of Missionary Society, and then Youth Leader, church officer, choir member, children supervisor and children director.

As a missionary, God inspired her in unexpected ways to help the poor. On October 14th, 2005, she received the Lord’s calling to become an international missionary. She founded a non-profit charitable organization called MRM Compassionate Ministries, Inc. to help people around the world overcoming hunger, poverty and homelessness. 

In association with the board of directors, Renee intends to target the area of elderly, homeless people, disabled, the mentally ill, families, senior citizens, pregnant women, single parent families and individuals. She would like to break the circle of poverty and hunger, and build a strong and healthy community.

For years she would travel to Haiti, send containers with the help of contributors, members, she distributed goods, brought toys for the poor children, fed the people, clothed them, in Port-au-Prince, Verrettes, Gonaives and Gros-Mornes.

Renée Mortimer
Founder, President, CEO
enée Mortimer was born in Gonaives, Haiti on March 16th, 1950. Raised by her parents Iréné and Altagrace Rebecca C. Michel. She was the eldest of a family of two. She attended school at St. Pierre Claver for her 
primary studies and Lycee de jeune fille Louis Diaquois for her secondary studies.
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