Irenee Mortimer
Rachel Zaferatos & Irenee Mortimer
Irenee Mortimer & Roland St Gerard
Renee Mortimer, Founder
T-shirt Design by Irenee Mortimer
MRM Banner Design by Irenee Mortimer
Rachel Zaferatos, Rehearsal
North Miami Church of the Nazarene
Irenee Mortimer
Irenee Mortimer & MRM's Officer, Baker Jean Louis
Rachel Zaferatos & Baker Jean Louis
Get your t-shirt today to support Haiti
Rachel Zaferatos
Irenee Mortimer & Jovenel Pierre
Jovenel Pierre, Irenee Mortimer, Jeremy, Mikey St Gerard
Daughter & Mother, Irenee Mortimer & Renee Mortimer
Rachel Zaferatos CD's, Get yours today to support Haiti
Rachel Zaferatos
Early Morning Concert Rehearsal
Preparing shipments for Haiti
MRM 's Storages
Renee Mortimer & Pastor Eddy Gervais @ CCC
Pastor Eddy Gervais & Rachel Zaferatos in Miami, FL
Waiting to Perform @ "CCC" Community Christian Church
Rachel Zaferatos, Renee Mortimer, Pastor Eddy Gervais, Irenee Mortimer
Emmanuel Mortimer & Irenee Mortimer
MRM, Missionaries @ work for Haiti  5.16.10
M R M  4 t h  A n n u a l  C o n c e r t   5.21.11
M R M  3 r d  A n n u a l  C o n c e r t   5.15.10
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