You can become a member of this organization by contributing a minimum monthly donation of $20, along with your skills, time, and effort. Or contribute a generous
one time donation to MRM Compassionate Ministries.

You will be kept up to date on the activities of this organization.
Your donation will help us transform many lives.

1-   Miss Rachel Zaferatos
2-   Miss Irenee Mortimer
3-   Mr.Eddy Almonor
4-   Groupe Etoile De Bethelehem
5-   Mrs. Macula Magny Cherisol
6-   Group Passion
7-   Artist Denex
8-   Mrs. Sonie Innocent
9-   Mrs. Louisa Denis
10- Mrs. Marie Carmel Mortimer
11- Mr. Dieunel Calixte
12- Mr. Daniel Guillet
13- Mrs. Viergenie Metellus
14- Ms. Sherly Louis
15- Ms. Charline Boucard
16- Mrs. Anne-Marie Pierre Toussaint
17- Mrs.Paulene Augustin
18- Mrs. Chantal P. Jean
19- Mr. Enock Souffrant 
20- Mr. Lamarre Dulcio

We love and appreciate you, and thank you for all you do!  We pray blessings and protection over you.  God is very much pleased with your desire to serve!
Prayer Coordinators
Grant Writers 
Truck Drivers 
Unloading/Loading Helpers
Food Box Preparers
Photographer Assistants
Videographer Assistants
Parking Assistant
Media Contact


MRM Compassionate Ministries,Inc.
                               : Les personnes içi présentent

Remerciement à:     Pasteur Jean D. Cidel

                              : Frère Pradel Millien

                              : Pasteur Pierre H. Paul

                              : Guilburne Millien

                              : Le comité de l’églize Nazaréen de North Miami

                              : Mrs. Kedda Verne Etienne

                              : Mrs.Farah Florestal

                              : Frère Simon de radio Lumière

                              : Le maitre de cérémonie Mr. Fritznel A.

                              : Le groupe Espoire du Monde

                              : Les artistes Jean-René Charles*Witny Louis* Alfonce Cadet* Joline Romélus* Dernino Démostène*Evens Ecclésiaste* Ms. Odette Lubin

Dancers: * Group Christ Worshipers (C.W.)

                              : Les contributeurs & Supporteurs ( *MIAMI DOLPHINS * WORLD CHAMPIONS FLORIDA MARLINS* Mr.Frantz Max Samuel Mortimer*Mrs. Louisa Denis*Mrs. Idanèse Aboite*Mrs. Rosemène Phanord*Mrs. Anne Marie Pierre Toussaint*Mrs. Josette Bonne Année*Mr. & Mrs Enock Souffrant* Mr. Dulcio Lamarre*Mr. & Mrs. Vilmond Dulcio* Ms. Rebecca Dulcio *Mr. Orpha Mortimer * Mr. Fritz Mortimer *Mr. Hanz Mortimer*Ms. Antoinise Servius*Mr. Dorvilus & Mr. Dominique Dordore*Mrs. Gueymy*Ms. Alexandra Joseph*Mrs. Viergenie & Mr. Nicolas Metellus*Pasteur Daniel St Louis*Ms. Charline Boucard*Mrs Sherly Louis Antoine* Mr. & Mrs. Dieunel Calixte*Frère Dieulifète Délus*Mr. & Mrs. Donal St Martin*Pasteur Esthel*Mrs. Maggie Chevrin*Ms. Suzette* Ms. Roselande Ménélas*Ms. Monique Estinvil*Pasteur Esnel Fleurjuste*Pasteur Mc Louis*Pasteur Brave Constant*Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Robert Nelzy*Mr. & Mrs Ilric Lafrance* Les Mortimers*MRM (Mission Reaches Many) Compassionate Ministries’ Committee.

MRM Compassionate Ministries, Inc. and it staff would like to congratulate the winners of the Raffle Ticket 4th annual concert 2011.

1st prize winner: Mrs. Viergenie Metellus

2nd prize winner: Mrs. Paula Lanoix

3rd prize winner: Mr. Marc D.

4th prize winner: Mr. Ronad

5th prize winner: Ms. Andrena

Florida Marlins Website
Miami Dolphins Website
I would like to thank you, our officers, members, volunteers, donors, subscribers, sponsors, partners. It's because of your prayers, services, and generous contributions that we are able to help those in need. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and guard you!.

Renee Mortimer
21- Pastor Jean-Dieuseul Cidel
22- Young Adult Ministries
23- Mrs. Kedda V. Etienne
24- Mr. Ronal Jean Philippe
25- Miss Flora Moline 
26- Pastor Francky Ullysse
27- Pastor Ronal Exil
28- Mrs. Patricia P. Mortimer
29- Pastor Fritz Jean-Philippe
30- Dr. Mirtha Pierre
31- Pastor Fritz Honore
32- Pastor Baker Jean Louis
33- Mrs. Linda Dieujuste Mortimer
34- Mrs. Josette Jacques Danier
35- Mrs. Josette Bonne-Annee
36- Mr. Wislet Jean
37- Mr.Dieulifete Delus
38- Mr. Jacques Fleuridon
39- Mrs. Ertha Bonne-Annee
40- Ms. Antoinise
41- Mr. Maxo Cinal
42- Mr. Fritz R. Mortimer
43- Mr. Marc L. Brumer
44- Mr. Dorvilus Dordore
45- Dr. Marie Mathurin
46- Pastor Jackson Pierre
47- Mrs. Denis St. Louis
48- Mr. Daniel Guillet
49- Mrs. Nadia Coby
50- Mrs. Nancy Saintil
51- Miss Rodna Dieujuste
52- Miss Judith Estinvil
53- Miss Rebecca Dulcio
54- Mr. Orpha E. Mortimer
55- Miss Annie Calixte
56- Pastor Marc A. Dugue
57- Mr. Maurilus Jocelin
58- Group Etoile De Bethlem
59- Group Passion
60- Dr. Herold Noel
61- Mr. Guilbern Millien
62- Mrs. Maguy Chevrin
63- Ms. Marie Marthe Felix
64- Mr. Indry St. Juste
65- Pastor Pierre Holly Paul
66- Miss Ashlay Karry Mortimer
67- Mrs. Marie Maude Morin

Mr. Donal St. Martin, Pastor Danal Charles, Mr. Antonio & Mrs. Labrune Etienne, Mr. Nicolas Metellus, Mrs Rygueymes Mortimer Jean Louis, Mr. Abimaël Innoçent, Mr. Hanz K. Mortimer, Pastor Constant Brave, Mr. Michaël & Mrs Fuller, Mrs. Sherly Williams, Mr. & Mrs Arnel Millien, Mrs. Paula Dessources, Mrs. Marie Anricia Dossous, Mrs. Marguerite Hillaire
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Myrlandie Jean Baptiste
Noel Michel
Monique Estinvil
Angie Paul
Shania Innocent
Fabiola Joseph
Mr. Leslie Prudent
Mrs. Leslie Prudent

Irenee Mortimer
Frantz M. Mortimer
Fritz R. Mortimer
Carmel Mortimer
Frantz R. Mortimer
Ashlay Mortimer
Bradschyr Mortimer
Raschmyr Mortimer
Hanz Mortimer
Emmanuel Mortimer
Maddox Mortimer
Rygueymes Mortimer
Baker Jean Louis
Tchavetzkee Jean Louis
Gertsen Jean Louis
Jaynida Jean Louis
Joel Jean Louis

Gabriel Monte
Ayden Serano
Carlos Dias
Manuel Dias